Volleyball Program

Dive into Excellence: Our Volleyball Program

The Fernie Academy takes pride in its volleyball program, which provides students with opportunities to excel in the sport while aiming for athletic scholarships and potential advancement to the professional and national levels. With a plethora of scholarships available each year, ranging from university to college divisions in both Canada and the United States, colleges and universities actively seek out talented volleyball players from British Columbia programs.

In addition to potential scholarship opportunities, participating in team sports such as volleyball offers an excellent pathway to integrate into college or university life. It provides students with a sense of community and fosters personal growth and development.

At The Fernie Academy, our volleyball program follows the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and Volleyball Canada’s Development Model (VCDM). We ensure that all students engage in age-appropriate volleyball games and practices beginning in middle school. Our dedicated coaches work individually with each athlete and, for those interested, assist in identifying post-secondary opportunities and scholarships.

Our comprehensive extracurricular program caters to both boys and girls in Grades 6 to 12, offering team practices and tournament play. We understand the importance of balance in students’ lives, so our practices are scheduled twice a week, allowing flexibility for students who participate in other sports or are committed to other after-school initiatives.

The school season for volleyball runs from September to November, while the club season extends from January until the end of April. By encompassing both seasons, we provide a well-rounded experience for our athletes, enabling them to further develop their skills and participate in competitive play.

Join The Fernie Academy’s volleyball program and unleash your potential on the court while preparing for future opportunities in higher education and athletics.

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Cate Durham:

With a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and over seven years of competitive volleyball experience, Cate is well-equipped to guide our athletes toward their full potential.

Cate’s background in program development, both in academic and sport settings, sets her apart as a coach who understands the importance of creating a comprehensive and impactful training environment. Her expertise extends beyond the volleyball court, as she has spent the last three years working with children with disabilities through Calgary-based sporting programs, helping them explore their active side and fostering inclusivity.

With Cate at the helm, our players can expect dynamic and engaging training sessions that focus on enhancing their skills, technique, and game strategy. Her ability to teach individuals of all abilities ensures that each athlete receives personalized coaching and guidance to foster growth and improvement.

For more information please contact:

Cate Durham, Coach: cdurham@thefernieacademy.ca