Admission and Fees


The Fernie Academy invites applications for admission and re-admission in May prior to each academic year. New families may make application to the school by submitting: A completed application form, copies of the student’s most recent report card and a cheque for $25.00 made payable to The Fernie Academy. Returning families submit the re-admission form and $25.


The following information is required upon acceptance of admission: A medical form, a copy of the student’s birth certificate, immunization record and heath care card, verification of parental citizenship, tuition fees schedule, and other contracts.

The School reserves the right to refuse admission or re-admission of a student depending on student or parent personal conduct.


School Registration Fee $500.00 (one time only)

Yearly Application/Re-application Fee $25.00

Tuition Fee

Friday Recreational Pursuits are NOT optional and are at an additional cost, the only exception is January – March Skiing/Snowboarding

School Supplies $150.00

Fundraising $150.00 (Includes $100 save on foods Grocery Card)

Applied Skills fees for Grades 8/9/10 $100.00

School Uniform both Daily Wear and Dress Uniform vary in cost – visit TFA UNIFORMS

Society Membership Fee $10.00 (Optional membership into The Fernie Academy Society is one per family)

All fees are due to the school the SECOND week of September of the current school year.

Fees may be paid with cash, cheque, visa, E-Transfer, Master Card or Debit card (a 2% charges applies to M/C, 2% to visa and a $.25 charge for each debit card transaction).

Extra fees including Friday afternoon pursuits, milk, hot lunch and various fundraising events can be prepaid by deposit and the school will keep an account for you.