Our Programs


The Fernie Academy is guided by the BC Curriculum and the academic morning includes the subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and HCE (Health and Career Education formerly called Personal Planning). The Ministry of Education requires a minimum of 850 hours per year and The Fernie Academy provides students in Grades 1-12 with over 1200 hours. Kindergarten students participate in 935 hours of education, exceeding the 425-hour minimum required by the Ministry. With the increased instructional time, smaller class sizes and a comfortable environment, the students have an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the subject matter. Students are assessed on a regular basis through a variety of methods and their progress is reported to their families at least five times throughout the school year. Three of these reports are formally written and issued as Report Cards at the end of November, March and June with written Interim Reports delivered mid-term twice a year. More informal reporting is done via telephone calls, email, student led conferences, parent teacher conferences and the use of the student’s daily planners or journals. Grades and marks are tabulated for all subjects based on student participation, attitude and classroom work including assignments, tests and quizzes.



Students also develop their individuality and creativity through their participation in art, music, dance and drama. The Visual Arts curriculum is delivered by our certified art instructors as well as visits from local artisans. A strong emphasis is placed on getting the children to express themselves through the use of different media. Trips to the Arts Station afford the children the opportunity to study local exhibitions. Our music instructors interpret the BC Music curriculum by incorporating such elements as playing in an ensemble, reading music, study of the masters and singing. Our voice instructor continues to work with all students on a weekly basis during the choir component of the music program. Dance is incorporated regularly, drama offered twice a week and the languages offered are French, Spanish and German. Students in Grades 8-12 experience one language and one art each semester, incorporating a study of all arts and languages over the year.



Many individuals and families have chosen to reside in Fernie as a result of a specific lifestyle choice. This is often strongly influenced by the diverse recreational opportunities afforded by the Elk Valley. Daily physical activity is not only recommended by many medical and fitness experts, but is also desired by both students and their families as a component of a healthy lifestyle. K-12 students at The Fernie Academy will receive Physical Education daily using a variety of facilities within the community. Further, every Friday afternoon will be dedicated to recreation and fitness where more involved activities are undertaken in partnership with the PE curriculum including skiing, snowboarding, swimming, golf, skating and hockey. Friday afternoon activities are not optional (with the exception of January-March skiing/snowboarding) and students are required to attend from 12:45-3:30. Extra curricular sports include: badminton, rock climbing, indoor soccer, track and field, basketball and volleyball.